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"Thank YOU Peggi for everything you did and all your help and PATIENCE!!!!!! It was great working with you. You were always on top of everything!"
- Jan Willis
"Thank you both for all your help in the marketing and sale of the unit. You made the whole transaction very easy for us to do from a distance. Peggi kept up with all of the details beautifully. I will highly recomment you in the future. Warmest Regards."
- Bonni Kaufman
"We are both most appreciative for the time and encouragement you gave us during these past 8 months.
You and Peggi helped us through the ups and downs of selling and buying our home and the condo which will be our new home.
Thank You also for giving us the buyers protection policy for the condo. It was very thoughtful of you.
Although the waters got a little rough at times, you kept us going - Thank You. Fondly - Your Friends"
- Harriet & Gerry
"In meeting Brenda I was amazed. She is the only real estate agent that I have dealt with that was totally honest. Brenda will give you her opinion and advice based on what she truly believes and not what she thinks it would take to sell you. Brenda is one of the few people in business that I know is looking out for my interest 100%. When it comes to me buying or selling any real estate Brenda is the only person I would consider. She is absolutely the best!!"
- Scott Gandy
"Brenda and her Star Team are simply the best. While Brenda diligently followed up on finding the traditional 'beach house' we were looking for, the service did not stop with the sale. Over the last year, we’ve called on Brenda or one of her team members, especially Peggi, for assistance with everything; from issues with our homeowner’s warranty to recommendations for various services, including babysitters for our grandchildren! We could not be more pleased with every aspect of Brenda and the Star Team’s performance.”
- Doug Davis
"My husband and I put a contact in on the first house Brenda showed us. She knew it would be the perfect house for us and it was. The whole experience couldn't have been easier. Brenda and her team stayed with us on every detail, even driving us to the closing in Norfolk. They still check in with us, months later, to see that everything is in working order. Thanks Brenda, Peggi, and the entire staff for a job well done."
- Holly Cockrell Pembroke
"Brenda assisted us in both selling our previous house and purchasing our current home. She facilitated the process so that it was an easy transition. Brenda and her team were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with."
- Todd & Robin Copeland
"We recently bought property listed by Brenda, and were impressed with her professionalism and prompt resolution of all of our concerns. I would not hesitate to reccommend Brenda to anyone selling property near the oceanfront."
- Ken Whitehurst
"Brenda and her team did not get discouraged despite the real estate market’s downturn. They accelerated their marketing which contributed to the sale of my home for a very good price. I highly recommend Brenda and her team."
- Lance A.Lavenstein
"Brenda is a very competent professional with a high level of initiative & effective follow through...does not accept defeat as an option." "The "Team" is extremely organized, utilizes well thought out systems,strategies, and appropriate approaches to aggresively get the job done."
- Tom & Barbara Wallace
"Brenda is a true professional as well as our friend. She takes her job seriously and looked out for our best interests. She is the best!"
- Alex & Cathy Raney
"Brenda, both in professional competence and personal character, is absolutely fantastic and, I would claim, without parallel. Neglect Brenda's expertise at your peril!"
- Mr. and Mrs. J. Linnell
"Brenda is very attentive & caring & adds a personal touch to her selling ability."
- Dale Birdsong
"Brenda Rawls and her team did an excellent job in helping us sell our home in such a tough real estate market! At every step, Brenda's experience and Peggi's perseverance came in handy. We were impressed by Peggi's handling of hundreds of phone calls! Brenda Rawls has indeed put together a STAR TEAM!"
- Madhukar & Rajeshwari Kaloji
"Because of her creative marketing mind, Brenda Rawls is always highly recommended by my husband and me. Brenda's ability to understand her clients' needs and to work with those needs to make a sale happen is unsurpassed. Of course, Brenda and her team are extremely professional and efficient. Who else would have a clean truck available for your move? You will not be forgotten by Brenda at the closing table."
- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Breeden
"Brenda Rawls is the consummate professional. She listened to us and worked hard to locate the perfect property for our family. She knows her business. Brenda is always up on what’s happening in real estate in Tidewater. She is knowledgeable and credible. I would never hesitate to recommend Brenda to anyone who is seriously considering a real estate move— buying or selling!”
- Marvin Daniel
"Brenda's team was great. Even after the sale, they kept in touch to make sure our move was smooth, providing lunch on our moving day and calling just to check in once we got into our new home. The personal touch was really appreciated."
- Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pendleton
"Thank you so much for all your help. I never worried about a thing in selling mom's place, you are the best there is. Mom is so happy to be up here with us, and we are getting close on a place for her-- wish we had you up here to help!! I know you would find her the perfect place and work out the best deal. All our love to you and the best to you office team.
- Drusilla Hose
"My selling experience with Brenda and her most efficient staff was a very smooth transition for me. I recommend her team to help you sail through her next move-- my house sold in 6 hours!"
- Betsy Wilshire
"She and her team kept us updated continually during the process."
- Alison & Jeanie Drescher
"My wife and I always stick with a winner. When it came time to sell my father's house after his passing, we immediately and without hesitation called Brenda Rawls. Brenda has worked with us before and made the whole selling experience a breeze. Her number one priority is to take care of her clients, period. We actually got a call from Brenda on her cell phone from California two days after his house went on the market to inform us that she had a contact already! She's the best, take my word for it."
- Larry and Jan Reidnour
"Brenda is (1) a Christian- knowing her character, we both felt very safe with her suggestions; (2) very personable & attractive and able to relate to people in all phases of the sale; (3) very knowledgeable- she handled all details large or small, leaving us free for other things; (4) a go-getter- no stones were left unturned until she made her sale. We felt very privileged to have had Brenda at the helm of our ship!"
- Mr. & Mrs. C. Gardner
"Brenda Rawls and her team are truly a very professional team. They are willing to do anything and everything to please their customers. They go beyond the extra mile with customer service. I would recommend, highly, to anyone looking for a Realtor to use the Brenda Rawls' Star Team."
- David & Denise Millison
"Brenda and her team worked together to efficiently guide our family through the process of buying and selling real estate. They were extremely professional and helpful every step of the way! Thanks team!"
- Jeff & Tami Shoaf
"We thank you for the wonderful job you did in selling our home. You did everything but crawl under the house yourselves to check out the moisture problem. Your input was important in working out that problem to the satisfaction of both the buyers and ourselves. Everything you did was excellent, and we so much appreciate that. More importantly, we enjoyed becoming friends with you and now miss you. We wish you God's very best in your work, in your families and in your relationship with Him."
- Allen Rundle
"We were so impressed by Brenda's ability to aggressively market a property at an aggressive sales price. We also enjoyed having a 'team of people' to contact and work with during the transaction. The process of selling our home was so smooth and seamless which was a real treat. It was great to work with such professionals!"
- Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller
"When Brenda first suggested a listing price for our house, we believed it to be above the range of what was possible. We had been living in the house for some time and had not seen a house in our neighborhood go for as much as she suggested. Within 48 hours, we had a full-priced contract! Incredible! Part of this was due to Brenda's masterful negotiation, but part of it was her acute understanding of the real estate market in Virginia Beach. Peggi's administrative follow through was meticulous."
- Hillary Schanck